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How It Works?

On Strmlly you earn cash for live streaming and watching live streaming. You can also earn cash from your uploaded paid videos/photos. 

Please note that we may change the rates and terms and conditions any time. You will be informed when this happens.

Earn From Live Streaming

If you have selected the Paid option for viewers to pay to watch your streaming then you will earn commission from the paid viewings. Viewers will be charged per minute. Your commission will be 30% of the cost to viewers.

If you have selected the Free option for viewers to watch your live streaming then you will still earn cash provided you are at level 1+ and you are a premium member. You will earn an hourly rate. Your rate will be determined by your level. Hourly rate starts from $1/hr at level 2 and it increases by +1 at every level.

We can also pay you more to just live stream (Free option), you can always discuss the details with us from the contact us page. 

Private Chat

Private chat is always paid. You can set your own rate which other users have to pay to you for private chat. You earn 30% of the cost to the user.

Earn cash from watching live streaming

You earn coins for watching free live streaming. You can convert coins to cash and cash out provided you have satisfied the cash out criteria. 


You can earn cash from your uploaded videos/photos. You need to select the Paid option while updating video/photos and set your own rate. Users pay to access per video/photos.


Cost of sending a message is 20 coins per message.

Cash out

You must satisfy all of following requirements to cash out

  1. You must be at level 1+

  2. Your minimum earning balance must be $100. This earnings must be from paid streaming, private chat, paid photo/videos. If your earnings are entirely from free activities such as coin earnings from watching live streaming then you will not be eligible for cash out.

  3. Your earning from paid streaming, private chat, paid videos/photos should be more than what you have earned from free streaming, or from free activities


When you register you start at level 1. You are not eligible to earn from live streaming at this level. You must be at level 2 or higher in order to qualify for earning from live streaming.

To go to Level 2 you must satisfy following criteria

  1. Stream for at least 10 hours for free. Your streaming must be interesting and engage viewers. 

  2. Get 10 followers

  3. Our algorithm and/or moderators/admin will determine if you are eligible for the next level or not.